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I purchased TextAloud in early 2001. It is, without any doubt, the best piece of software that I've ever had on any of my computers. I've used TextAloud almost every day for the past eleven years. I mainly use TextAloud to read Amazon Customer Reviews directly from Firefox. I also have it read pdf and epub ebooks, email, and forums. The customer/tech support is the very best! - J. Bell
I was considering purchasing other software but, after reading what someone wrote about your company on a blog, I figured why not check it out. I was impressed by the Trial Offer so I'm giving the full program plus the Acapela Heather voice a try. Thank you for making a great yet affordable product. - Monica
I'm using TextAloud to study my online cdl training manual and any paperwork received in (on campus) class. I just scan the documents, study and save them for future use. Very useful as a single parent that needs to perform double duties while maintaining everyday household activities. My idea for searching for speech software came from Adobe Reader. The price was ridiculous on the Adobe Reader for what I needed for but the TextAloud price was reasonable, the interface was easy, and the selection of voices is very useful. Also I like that as it reads the document, TextAloud highlights the word and scrolls. - Terry
Our youngest son (8 years old) attends a school for children who are dyslexic. One of a variety of tools used at the school is TextAloud. The goal here is to have it assist the student when he or she needs a word pronounced or a portion of the text read to them. This software allows the student to work as independently as possible. Our 18 year old son is also dyslexic and is a college freshman. He also uses TextAloud in two ways. To assist him in reading textbooks and mp3 recordings of the textbooks so that he may listen to them at any time. He has an above average I.Q. but would never be able to keep up with all the reading a freshman does without your software. The Disabilities department at the school scans his textbooks and uses OCR software to turn the files into text. We then use TextAloud to do the rest. We expected him to have to struggle to keep up with History and English, but to our surprise he is excelling in those subjects. This would not have been possible without the aid of your software. Thanks Nextup! - Dewey
I purchased TextAloud as I do have a reading disability, a bit of dyslexia. This causes me to read very slowly and as a result I miss out on a lot. Now I find I do a lot of research on the net and using your product has enhanced my life and given me a way around things. I am very thankful for this. I use your product to change info into mp3 files a lot and listen to them while I am working as a way to study and prepare for upcoming events I am involved with. - Eileen
I use this program with a reading disability. I convert documents to MP3 and play them on my iPod. This allows me to listen to business documents while I am on the go. - George
TextAloud is fabulous! I have always wanted to read articles from the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and other newspapers and periodicals and now I can on a daily basis. I have always been embarrassed that I have trouble reading. TextAloud has helped me come out of the closet about not being able to read very well. I am 65 years old. How I wish TextAloud had been around when I was in college. What a pleasure to have this fine tool along with Talking Books! - Jane
I thought you would like to know that I am dyslexic and I have used TextAloud to death, to help me complete my MBA (Master of Business Admin), which I am in my last semesters. I convert all my course notes and cases studies to text and listen to them via TextAloud. I could not have completed this course without the help of TextAloud and the AT&T Natural Voice of Audrey. - Edward (Australia)
I was diagnosed with ADD as an adult. I've always had problems with my ability to keep my attention focused while reading, and couldn't read but a few pages at a time at most without losing concentration and daydreaming. I could never enjoy reading as a child and as such missed out on all the enjoyable childrens stories and novels. I still have problems focusing while reading, but have no problems listening to the stories while driving to and from work. I found TextAloud was perfect for catching up on all the classics I missed, making the drives through some of the worst traffic in the US more pleasurable. Also, using it to catch up on work news and updates from web pages while working is fantastic. One other use I found is that my cell phone is able to play MP3's and I can use the speech as an alarm to wake me or notify me of an appointment which is great for keeping me on time, as well as setting my laptop to use wav files as sound notification messages, which I find much more pleasing to the generic beeps. - Dan
I would like to mention here that as far as text readers go, you have the program WYNN, a reader for the blind and dyslexic, beat all to pieces. Your user interface is much more friendly, easier to operate, and much much clearer to understand. TextAloud rules! - Ray
I have ADHD; as well the disorder where a person reverses words or numbers (eg I will read the printed number "4" and say and think "8" or vice versa). Being able to hear the word (or number) spoken as I read on the computer screen is invaluable. I have recently completed the requirements for a 4 year University undergraduate degree, something which would have been difficult, if not impossible, without a reading software program. - Katherine (Canada)
As a disabled student, I have been assisted with learning, reading and access to Technical Education by an organization the helps many people with Reading difficulties. I hope that TextAloud, which I have used for many years, keeps going for a long time to come as it is wonderful software!!! - Steve (Australia)
Sometimes people get new software and they are excited about it only at first, over time it appears to lose it's value. Not the case with Text Aloud MP3! I have been a customer for at least 2 years now and I still use your software on a daily basis. What I use it for is important business e-mails, you would be amazed how many errors a person can catch just by listening to the messages being read back to them prior to sending. Yours is a product that has lasting value. Its not just neat, its dang useful! - James (Texas)
I really enjoy your product.  I have been using Text Aloud to make study CD-Roms to Listen in my Car and while I bike ride.  It is a great learning tool. - Rich (Florida
I use TextAloud every day to help me read, e-mails, read online books and just checking my own documents to make sure they make sense. - Bryan
I've used TextAloud for a few years and have found it to be excellent. During this time I have translated educational text for my son (Daniel age 12) off internet sites as well as scanning in items from his textbooks. His ability to retain this information has increased as he reads and listens at the same time. TextAloud has proven most valuable in report writing. After composing a document, I have TextAloud read it back. I have found that listening to what I have written helps with editing and clarifying my writings. In addition I have down loaded and translated many of the free classic texts that are available on the internet. Many satisfying hours have been spent with your software. - Milan (Texas)
I use TextAloud to produce MP3 copies of books that I download from BookShare. I an a school district assistive technology coordinator and have been involved in text access research from my Ed.D dissertation to a recent Federally funded study at the National Center for Accessible Media at WGBH in Boston. - Richard (MA)
I not only use your wonderful programs daily, I am constantly telling others about them.  As a stock speculator, I research hundreds of pages daily.  I am able to get fully twice as much work done with your product than I was able to without it. - Kelly
I'm a mother. I work full time. And I'm back in graduate school. I use TextAloud to review notes and lectures while driving back and forth to work. I also use it to edit my papaers. If I listen to them, I sometimes hear mistakes that I overlooked. - Barbaranne (CT)
Thanks for creating and maintaining TextAloud. It has dramatically improved my ability to understand what I read. I am a 45 year old male that learned I suffer with dyslexia 7 years ago, while attempting to finish a doctorate. After returning to school, a year ago I heard about TextAloud. Using it makes it possible for me to read for longer periods of time, with much less frustration, and a great deal more comprehension. - Michael
What a wonderful company is NextUp! Thanks so much for allowing me to regain the voices of Kate and Paul and to get back NewsAloud. I've burned CD's for the voices as you suggested. Because NextUp has afforded me so many hours of pleasure and information,I frequently return to your website to find out what's new. I've never been disappointed in your products. Besides that, your customer service is spectacular! - Joe P.
Your NextUp support is incredible! I am working on homework and using TextAloud to proofread my papers. I just bought two new voices, but I was having trouble installing them. I contacted Ken White at NextUp support on Friday night and he responded right away. Saturday morning I am using my new voices to help me complete my homework assignments. This is an excellent example of the outstanding support I receive from Next Up! - Rick (Texas)
Oh my gosh! You have made TextAloud incredible! I love this program since I am an online university student and I use it literally hours every day. There were a lot of little things that I wish I could have changed in it but you have addressed every one in this version.
I like the advanced speech editor, the different pause lengths, and the SKINS! Voice speed is right in front now! Speak aloud from cursor has always needed a keyboard shortcut! PDF file support!
A whole lot of my university text is in PDF format. I have to save it as .txt then import it into an advanced text editor to setup pauses and other things in the find and replace feature in my editor. And you fixed it! I can do it right from the program now.
I know I seem excited to the point of geekiness, but I just wanted you to know that you have made this program basically perfect! - Erick (Alabama)
This has been, and continues to be, a very useful program for me and I have recommended it to many business associates and contacts. It is very useful to me routinely as a proof reading tool. Thanks for a great program and thank you for the new features! - Alton (Florida)
You have the best tech support of any program I have ever bought! Thank you again. - Bobbie (Arkansas)
I have low vision and I'm not able to read the newspaper.  So for years I never read the news.  However, with TextAloud new Internet Explorer plug-in I'm able to go to news sites and easily read the news now.  It is such a joy to finally be well-informed on the events of the day.  The TextAloud Internet Explorer plug-in is well worth the cost of the program by itself. - Jim (Michigan)
The reason why your product is of such interest to me follows from the fact that I am currently working fulltime, whilst pursuing a PhD part-time.  That means I don't have much time for doing the reading for my classes, but I do a heck of a lot of commuting.  Your product allows me to encode my texts (at least, the ones I can find as e-texts), into sound files, and then read them during my commute
time. I've tried one or two similar products before yours, but yours is the best in terms of ease of use and listen-ability. - Lorin (California)
I have been creating MP3 files for my blind students and students with learning disabilities for two years. I use this program and I have found it to be invaluable. I use the file splitter to reduce the size and the AT&T voice called Crystal for the best sound. These two additional tools create workable files for students without computers who need alternat formats for their textbooks.  - Pat (California)
I have recently purchased TextAloud and the AT&T Natural voices.  I just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with this product.  I have to read papers and articles on a regular basis.  By converting them to audio files and transferring them to a portable MP3 player, I can now listen to a large proportion of them on the way to work.  This has saved me a great deal time.  I have been very happy with your service and very quick postage of the CDs too. - Mehryar (Queensland, Australia)
I love your site. I am just getting into this whole text to voice thing and I am blown away by what you have to offer and what possibilities, using this software, has to offer me. It is now my killer app. (You know an application you simply cannot live without?) Thanks a million. - Angelo
I am using TextAloud in my safety training and in teaching English as my accent is difficult for these people to easily understand. I find the natural voices are great and, when slowed down just a bit, easy for people whom are not native English-speakers to understand without having to repeat. Imagine yourself manipulating your voice or twisting your words so non-native speakers understand your words and then contemplate their meaning - I can deal with those contemplating my meaning, but the word-twisting and vowel-flattening, that is another matter altogether. - LJ (Orgeon)
You have always had a prompt and courteous response to any of my e-mails.  I certainly didnít expect a reply today since it is Sunday.  You can put me on record that you have the best customer service of any company that I have purchased software from. - Loy (Michigan)
I got my TextAloud CDs a few weeks ago, and I just wanted to say thanks for such a great product. I download books from Project Gutenberg, use your product to split and convert them into MP3, then listen to classic books on my MP3 player while I exercise. The product arrived in about three days -
which included crossing a major ocean and finding my remote village. And practically everything about the product is perfect - the file splitter, batch converter, and of course the quality of the voice. OK, to be fair, no computer voice is perfect, but the AT&T voices are the best I've heard. The whole system is wonderful. Thanks again.  The textAloud and MP3 player are part of my plan to lose weight - we live in the country, and I walk in the hills before breakfast, but frankly it can get a bit boring. But now I listen to a different book each morning, and the miles (and hopefully the inches on my waist) just disappear. If I get down to may target weight in a year or so, I'll add before and after pictures on my blog, and give textAloud full credit.  :) - Chris (Scotland)
I have dyslexia which makes it very difficult for me to read.  I learn much better aurally and when I was in college use to have readers.  This program has changed my life and allowed me to take everything I need to read on my mp3 player with me. - Robert (California)
TextAloud is a great product, I use it every day, I've been using it for years, and I don't know what I would do without it.  Thanks for making this great product available at such a reasonable price. - Greg (Wisconsin)
I use text aloud to make audio books for me to study during the commute. - Doug (Scottsdale, Arizona)
I use TextAloud on a regular basis. I'm a physician and use it for doing continuing medical education. I've taught it how to say many medical words.
I've been using textaloud for over a year.  I create both MP3 and Wave files. I typically convert classic text into voice to make my own books on CD. - Tom
I have been using TextAloud for the past two years as an aid for my on-line Masters degree program. I have found that TextAloud has brought an level of sanity to my chaotic life by enabling me to listen to my reading material as I drive to and from work, workout in the gym, do yard work, etc. - Bryan (New Hamphshire)
I've been using TextAloud for a few years now, both as a proofreading tool and when I get tired of reading and re-reading technical articles. - Gary
I use your TextAloud program, at least two hours a day, as a means of improving my English as a second language. I consider Mikeīs voice the best of them. I use different speeds. When I read a text for the first time around 120 and later 180. The voice is excellent and the program works fine. At first I tested many other Text-to-Speech programs and voices and I consider TextAloud and Natural Voices is the best I have used. - Abel (Argentina)
I have had great fun with your product. We are using it in home schooling. My 9 year old daughter is writing a mystery, and then she will type it and burn a CD of it to share with her friends. She seems to take more pride in her writing this way. Mostly I listen to public domain mysteries and classics with it, and am now attempting Titus Livius and Tacitus versions of Roman History. - Art (Corrales, New Mexico)
I'm using TextAloud to convert my college text books into CDs that I can listen to on the way to and from work. It was like listening to a lecture coming in to work today. - Jay (Bedford Texas)
I publish a newsletter and distribute it by e-mail and postal mail. I have a 78 year old friend who has macular degeneration and is now legally blind and cannot read text anymore. I make a text to speech CD of my newsletter for her using TextAloud and she just loves it. I have also done other text articles for her and burn them on CDs. This is a God send for blind people. - Robert (Rolla, Missouri)
My son is in Iraq and sends me email from Bagdad. I wanted to have a program that would read his email to me as I worked on something else at the same time. - Thomas
I LOVE TextAloud. Im legally blind and it is saving what vision I have left by making it so I don't have to use my eyes as much. Thank you for a great product. I have told everyone I know about it. I hope they purchase your products too and enjoy them as much as I do. - Donna L.
I wanted to share that one of my co-workers has macular degeneration, which causes eyesight to become extremely limited. She had to have her e-mails read to her by an administrative assistant. She was frustrated that she had to use this person's time and the organization's money for this. I introduced her to TextAloud with the AT&T NaturalVoices and set her up to read whatever is selected (I have her use hotkeys, as she loses the cursor on the screen easily). She appreciates the ability to save the audio files for instant recall without having to open her e-mail and go through the whole process again. TextAloud made one woman happy to have some independence back in her life. - Trevor R. (Englewood, Colorado)
I have a blind son who I got text aloud for several months ago and he loves it. I use it too1 thanks for a great product! - Jim G.
Iíve had TextAloud for two or three years now and just love it. Thanks for all the help it has given me. I just bought an MP3 player Ė over 100hrs of text MP3 @ 32 kbps mono and over 200hrs of text WMA @ the same quality. - Tim E.
I am a MAJOR proponent of the NextUp revolution at The University of Phoenix. I have explained to my classmates many times that I listen to this material in the gym, during my daily commute, just before retiring, etc. Sometimes, I also use TextAloud to help keep my attention focused while reading particularly difficult passages. - Dan S. (Key Largo, FL)
I have been using this software for several months and think it is great. I have a job where I am alone for my entire shift and have to walk a lot so I use it to listen to things on my mp3 player. - Ken
One tremendous use of TextAloud program, for me, is that of a proof reader. The program has already helped me catch numerous mistakes in letters and reports. This is a great feature of the program that a lot of people may not be aware of. Knowing what I do now, I would buy the program, and the "natural voices", for this reason alone. Thanks again for a great program. - Alton A.
I have many things to do at once and it helps me with the other children that need help reading. It was a very good software choice for the children that I help out with at the YMCA. - A Teacher
I have an English school in Japan and have recommended TextAloud to my classes. Your product allows my students to listen to reasonably good English, and they can adjust the speed, and even try different dialects.....what a great market you have over here in the English schools! Best regards, and thanks again for an excellent product. - John S.
I thought you might like to hear how enthusiastic I am about TextAloud. I have a problem with my eyes so I end up doing most of my reading by way of text to speech. I tried so many different programs including some very fancy high end ones. I found the best so far to be TextAloud. Number one in voice quality, number one in user-friendly interface, number one in functionality and number of features. Some of the other programs had exceptionally good features, but TextAloud has it all. The voice editor is great, the choice of mp3 or wav, the dual mode feature all are tops. I use it, in addition to reading articles and e-mail, for making announcements and lead-ins for other programs and calendars on the computer. I think "Text Aloud" is great and thanks for your hard work in developing this program. - Paul J.
I use TextAloud to study with when I am on my van pool stuck in traffic. Works very well on an iPAQ. I have changed some of the iPAQ's OEM sounds with voice and people are always surprised. - Randy
As a student, I can definitely mention a few advantages I have experienced myself. TextAloud allows me to combine visual AND additive cues when reading or studying material. It allows me to read my texts faster, since I don't have to interpret the text. When reading long and often boring text, TextAloud keeps me awake, since I set the reading speed faster than my own normal reading speed. It keeps me awake by following the cursor as it moves and keeps my mind from going astray, as I often find myself having to go back to the top of the page because I kept reading while thing of something else. Specially when tired (which happens too often when studying). Because of the greater speed and better attention, TextAloud allows me to read more material in shorter time with better comprehension. Do I recommend TextAloud for students? Do I ever!!!!! - Stephane
With TextAloud, using the computer has been much more enjoyable and productive for me and when I describe TextAloud to computer users that haven't heard of TTS, or used a program like this, I tell them to think of it as a "calculator for literature". Tell or show TextAloud to everybody you know that uses a computer. As a gift, buy a copy for some one you know who is going to school and then let them tell you latter how much this program helped them to improve their grades. Consider this, for about $50 today you could add thousands to a graduate's income tomorrow. Now that's a great return on your investment and something to really get excited about. - Jim B.
You know I'm going to tell a lot of people about this as I have been playing around with it and I think it is great. Sure do wish I had had this when I was employed. Had to give up my job a while back, but there were days when I just couldn't read what I typed. I worked for a large law firm in Hartford, CT and at the end of the day, it was just more than I could see with all the big documents they had. We used to have two people work on it - one would read and the other would watch the document and try to proof it that way. I think this is really a great thing. - Gail L.
I like TextAloud very much. Since I've used it, my writing have become better since I can detect all my mistakes and even change those sentences that doesn't sound right. Even my readers notice the improvement. Thumbs-up from me! A Writer
I want to thank you for all the things NextUp has made possible for my wife and me for the past couple of years. We have had more fun with TextAloud and the AT&T voices of Mike and Chrystal than you will ever imagine. I am disabled, severe parkinson, and the aid I have recieved from TextAloud is far above what anyone can ever imagine. I am able to use the voices to read every thing off the internet for me, but the greatest thing is that i am able to save it to file. - Doc