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TextAloud 4 uses Text to Speech functionality to convert text into natural-sounding speech on your Windows PC or Laptop. Ivona™ voices may be purchased with TextAloud 4 or alone for use with SAPI5 speech software.

  • Listen on your computer or create audio files for portable devices
  • Save time and enhance your productivity by listening while you do other things
  • Assistive Technology that helps many with reading disabilities, sight or vocal impairment
The End User License Agreement does not allow for commercial use or distribution of audio created using the Ivona™ voices. Please contact if you need this.

Choose a Language

The TextAloud 4 user interface is always English, but you can purchase Ivona™ voices to read text in other languages. Click on the language of your choice:

TextAloud 4

1   Ivona™  Voice:

 Carmen (Romanian)


TextAloud 4


No Optional Voices

(Utilizes Resident Windows Voice)


SAPI 5 Voice


1   Ivona™  Voice Only:

 Carmen (Romanian)